1. Introduction

Inspired-RIs aim is to provide high quality services to users from academic/research organizations, public organizations and the private sector i.e. industries, SMEs. The access policy (Figure 1) has been formulated with the consultation of all Inspired-RIs partners with individual meetings that were organized by NHRF (coordinator) and “Athena” Research Center. The users will work under the guidance of experts-experienced staff scientists who are working at the facility. The relevant staff will work towards achieving the optimum research results contributing at the same time in the training of the users in new methodologies and use of advanced equipment. The process under which access will be granted is aligned with that of European research infrastructures to secure the optimum and efficient use of the infrastructure and human potential.

Figure 1. The evaluation process of the user’s applications is presented. The individual steps from the stage that the application is submitted until the result of the application and the user notification are shown. The roles allocated include the user, the moderator, the internal and the external reviewer

A catalogue of services has been developed by “Athena-RC”, jointly with NHRF using the information provided by Inspired-RIs partners. The catalogue is available to users from: https://inspired-ris.catalogue.athenarc.gr/. The user has the option to view the catalogue information grouped “by platform” with the services offered or “by provider”.

Figure 2 Preview of the front page of the catalogue of Inspired-RIs services grouped by platform and by provider.

2. Applying for Inspired-RIS services

Potential users of Inspired-RIs services may apply for access through the Services catalogue from the following website: https://inspired-ris.catalogue.athenarc.gr/. The user (applicant) may be either internal (from the same organization as the host or a partner organization of Inspired-RIs) or external. For each platform, the user has the option to see a General description and then to find information on the individual services from Service Description, Equipment units, Relevant expertise related to the specific service. The contact details of the Relevant staff appear on the platform if more information is required. Inexperienced users are encouraged to contact the Relevant staff before submitting their application. Once the required service is decided, the user may submit an Application to the provider. A form has been designed for this purpose that comprises four sections, a) the contact details and affiliation of the applicant or the visitor coordinator if different, b) the profile of the user based on the experience that has gained and whether (s)he comes from academic/research organizations or the private sector, c) information on the service requested and the proposed activity and d) the schedule of the visit as it is proposed by the user (Table 1).

Once a user submits the application, a unique ID number is provided. The evaluation process begins, and in the meantime, the user may monitor the status of the process. The workflow for this process from the stage of the application submission until the notification of the user about the result is shown in Table 2.

PLEASE NOTE: Users are advised to save the application prior to submission. If they proceed submitting and there is required information missing then they need to fill again most of the fields that appear in the form.

Table 1: Data included in the application form that the user completes for access to Inspired services

3. Evaluation of submitted Applications

As soon as an application is submitted all Relevant personnel as defined by the provided for the service, receives a notification to assign a Moderator. The role of Moderator is assigned to a member of the relevant staff and takes over the communication with the user and the Reviewers. The Moderator then selects an Internal and an External Reviewer who will assess the submitted application. All submitted applications are assessed by the Evaluation Committee which is composed by the Moderator and the two Reviewers, Internal and External. In case there is not consensus between the assessment of the Internal and the External Reviewer, the Moderator is authorized to either introduce an additional Reviewer in the Evaluation process or make the final decision (Figure 1).

All members of relevant staff are included in the catalogue of Internal Reviewers while the External Reviewer’s catalogue comprises relevant staff from partner organizations other than the host. The providers may ask for additional external evaluators to be included in the list of the evaluators, for example outside Greece. The selected Internal and External evaluators receive a notification by email that they have been selected to evaluate the submitted proposal and are prompted to accept or reject their role. Emphasis is given on the confidentiality of the evaluation process and potential conflict of interest.

4. How to acknowledge access to INSPIRED-RIs

All users are expected to acknowledge the support received by Inspired-RIs (in research publications, oral or poster presentations in conferences, lectures, etc.) as follows:

”We acknowledge support of this work by the project “INSPIRED-The National Research Infrastructures on Integrated Structural Biology, Drug Screening Efforts and Drug target functional characterization” (MIS 5002550) which is implemented under the Action “Reinforcement of the Research and Innovation Infrastructure”, funded by the Operational Programme "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation" (NSRF 2014-2020) and co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund)”.

For your convenience please also find the acknowledgements in English and Greek in Powerpoint format.

To download the access policy in pdf format please click here
Table 2. Messages – the info in Green is extracted from the platform